الأحد، 31 مايو، 2015

SHINee - View Acapella

Baek Chung Kang, JL - Fall In Love (My Unfortunate Boyfriend OST) Acapella

Acourve - Honey [The Girl Who Sees Smell OST] Acapella

M.C the Max - He totally malya [The Girl Who Sees Smell OST] Acapella

الخميس، 28 مايو، 2015

الخميس، 14 مايو، 2015

SPICA - Because Of You (Super Daddy Yeol OST) Acapella

Jung Dong Ha - Yolo Man (Super Daddy Yeol OST) Acapella

Cha Seung Min – meet (Blue Bird House OST) Acapella

MC Meta - Cell (Blood OST) Acapella

Monsta X (Kihyun , Jooheon) - Attractive Woman (Orange Marmalade Ost) Acapella

Hwanhee - Pain [Orange Marmalade OST] Acapella